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Self driving tour of Chen's landlord's manor in Dashan

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 Chen's landlord manor in Dashan

Under the guidance of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the revolution of 1911 broke out, overthrew the imperial system, established the Republic, Yuan Shikai stole the status, the Northern Expedition and Yunnan protection wars broke out. Under the influence of the times, the Chen family devoted themselves to the revolution, and there appeared bloody heroes and open people.


The following is a brief introduction to the activities of the Chen brothers.

Born in 1867 in the 6th year of Tongzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Delin was born in Dashan County, Xingren county. He joined the kindergarten, studied wisely, and became a bookkeeper. He was called Uncle Chen. The four wives and concubines have no male origin. The big Lu family and Tao family each have a female. They are cheerful and cheerful. They are worthy of Zhenfeng when they are married in Guiyang. Chen Xingwen Rou does not commit violence, regardless of the people's hearts. The poor borrow money and can relax traffic or avoid traffic. People on the street suffer from fire, and help money and food to tide over the difficulties. In the early years of the Republic of China, they were promoted to the East and extended to the baling area. Every day, 12 Pack horses arrived at the grain transportation Valley in the Chenjiagou and zhenahe areas, and the Shifan protection center of more than 100 District soldiers. Moreover, like the imprisonment of the incident, cut the height to make it flat, the family becomes a "government organ", and the litigants are constantly earning hundreds of yuan a day. In 1916, Chen Shaobao occupied fishing profits, expanded property and rights, purchased weapons, organized self-defense companies, and strengthened blockhouses. In 1927, his younger brother Chen Dexin was killed in the battle of protecting the Dharma in Sichuan Province. He repaired and commemorated the "Zhongjie building" and carved Du Fu's "empty valley and Youlan" before stopping the spiritual room: "in the past, his brother was killed due to the trauma disorder in Guanzhong. The poem expresses brotherhood and anger.

In 1935, the Red Army crossed the county border on the long march. Chen Xin was frightened. He took his assets with him and took refuge in Yunnan with more than a dozen troops. He returned to the mountains half a year later. Later, he was at odds with Liu Qianjun, an expert. He lived far away from his daughter in Guiyang. He was ill and in a trance. In 1938, he strangled his neck and died. The coffin was sent to Chen Jiapo in dashan'er period for burial. The tomb was destroyed in the cultural revolution in 1966 and has not yet been restored.

 Chen's manor in Dashan

Chen Dejun (Zhongxiang), a native of Huajiang in Guanling, is a cousin of Chen Boxiang. He was born in 1889 in the 15th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. When he was a teenager, he studied in many schools in Guiyang and Kunming. He was proficient in arts, especially in the works of ancient strategists and historical geography books. He was good at calligraphy and had great ambition.

After entering Imperial University of Tokyo in 1906, he transferred to Japan's official school. During this period, he met Sun Yat Sen and others, participated in the alliance, and returned home in 1910. When Liu Xianshi brought the regiment training army to weiprovincial City, Chen Dejun was appointed as the regiment general (head), which became the foundation of Guizhou army. At that time, he Yingqin, Gu Zhenglun, Wang Wenhua and Chen Shufei served as ministers in the army. In 1911, when the 1911 Revolution broke out, Dejun and he Yingqin made generous statements to Liu Xianshi, analyzed the current situation, and supported Liu Tong to let Sun Yat Sen leave the Qing government. In 1912, the government of the Republic of China was founded. Liu Xianshi was appointed commander of Guizhou National Army, and Chen Dejun was deputy chief of staff. The army was expanded into six regiments, and Chen Shufei became the sixth commander. In 1915, Yuan Shikai revived the monarchy and overthrew the Republic. Sun Yat Sen called for the establishment of a law protection government in Guangdong. The two provinces of Chu and Guizhou declared independence, supported Zhongshan, and formed the Guizhou National Guard Army. Ruchuan and Chen Dejun, led by Wang Wenhua and Chen Deqian, served as the chief of staff to crusade against the Yuan Dynasty and cooperated with the Yunnan national defense army. General Cai E was in command at the front line. Yuan Shikai sent tens of thousands of Beiyang troops to South Sichuan. The two armies fought fiercely in Luzhou. The two sides fought each other and suffered heavy casualties. Chen Shufei stood at the front line and was killed by bullets. At the memorial meeting hosted by general Cai E, Chen Dejun met Zhu De and asked to write an elegiac couplet in memory of his brother. Zhu De happily waved his pen

Fighting between the tiger and the dragon, leaving the blood in danger.

My brother died and swore for the rest of his life.

 Chen's manor in Dashan

This pair of Liande Jun has been preserved for a lifetime, just like a baby. Every time the uncle flies over the festival, he will take out the dry things and keep them away from others.

After Chen Shufei died, Chen Dejun took his place and led the army to the Yangtze River to participate in the northern expedition in the Central Plains. He was injured in Zhengzhou. During his hospitalization, Chiang Kai Shek sent Lin Sen and Wang Boqun on his behalf to pay medical expenses and consolation money to express sympathy. Before long, Chen Dejun handed over the military power and returned to the province. Finally, his father was ill, and his housework was busy. He was still injured and disappeared from the military circles.

During the Anti Japanese War, the whole country formed a united front and Yan'an lacked Japanese talents. General Zhu De once sent a personal letter from an underground official inviting Dejun to work in Yan'an. I couldn't go. I asked my Aunt Huang Zhiping to come forward and take Qiu Chongjie and other seven young people to Yan'an. In 1935, he had to move back to Guiyang, where Chen Junhua's family had not been bombed, but moved back to Guiyang in 1935. He died on November 26, 1952 at the age of 63.

He was born in 1890 and 1920 in Guangxu. He was upright, handsome, talented, civil and military. When he was young, he graduated from Baoding military academy and was subordinate to Wang Wenhua, commander-in-chief of Guizhou army. He was brave in war and often made great achievements in war. He was promoted from a second lieutenant to the head of a colonel. Liu Xianshi (then chairman of Guizhou Province) loved his talent, and his wife, he Yingqin, was the leader.

In 1918, the Qian army was regarded as the great steel wall of the Qian army, including the protection of the law, the dispatch of troops in Central Sichuan, the military of Shu feishen, the firm and persistent force, the Weiyu South army, the mingguan army and the feibu army. In 1920, he led his army back to Guizhou, and the Sichuan army took advantage of the situation to pursue and fight fiercely with the enemy. The soldiers of Sichuan tended to be elite and fought hard. The flying Department suffered heavy casualties and fought alone. However, he summoned up the courage to charge and resist. Naitian did not save people. He was suddenly hit by stray bullets and was seriously injured. The rescue was ineffective The officers and soldiers sympathized with uncle Feizhong and mourned for Liu's zhencao. The couple were buried on the back of the broken bridge chicken. Today, people do not know the traces of the tomb.

Chen Dexin (Jiquan) was born on August 5, 1900. He was the third son of Chen yuancui. Mrs. Qin was born. His eldest son, Bo Xiang, was in charge of Sangzi. His second son, Chen Shufei, was killed in Sichuan.

Dexin was very smart since childhood. He seldom laughed. At the age of 5, he became familiar with arts and Science in a few years. In 1909, he went to Guiyang Dade school with his brothers. After graduating from Nanming middle school, he married the daughter of Yang Shaoshu, a former scholar of the Qing Dynasty in Guanling. She was an actress and a good Samaritan. Soon after graduating from Hubei, Hebei and 1920, the army went to Yunnan martial arts school the next year. After graduating in 1923, deputy commander Liu was transferred to the Yunnan border police to deploy Deputy squadrons, and then recovered to three captains. In 1926, he was transferred to the 7th brigade commander, the third leader of the 22nd regiment, and his rank was transferred to the army colonel and infantry middle school. After Xin led the army, we treat our friends strictly and treat others sincerely. We have won the trust of our colleagues. Later, he took part in the northern expedition of the revolutionary army with its division and went to battle in Sichuan and Hunan. He often played medal merit. Soon after the war broke out in Yunnan, he moved forward from Henan to the enemy and charged with soldiers as the first. Unfortunately, he failed to heal for more than a month. In August 1927, Ding Mao's friend Li's family in Zhonggulou, Panxian County, died. After all, if you don't have a good mother, you can't comfort the orphan until you die He said

First of all, Dexin hurt his body in a foreign land, and his hometown didn't know about it. All of a sudden, one day, I saw hedgehog crying around the house, blood dripping on his wife's clothes, and his wife felt terrible on the ground. For a few days or so, the obituary was reported and the family army shed tears. Feeling his brother's loyalty, Boxiang wrapped up his grave and buried it at the foot of Qinglong mountain.

Write down these, copy some eulogy, ask the reader

He Yingqin's question: lifelong filial piety and teacher and friend, generation hero praises Jiquan.

Li Xiaoyan's question: recalling the bitter British style is worthy of being a scholar Rong ma. Looking at Xuanyi and Xiyu, it's a pity that Zhi Changhong.

Stele column couplet: loyal and brave, outstanding, vivid voice and color. A hero can never be compared to a brother.

Tablet and hat couplet: the sword frost falls, shaking the sun and shadow back.

Spring thunder changes the world

There are many heroes and heroines in the era, and the big waves have eliminated many debris and broken stones. With the departure of Chen Boxiang's generation of characters, Chen's family also declined in herixia. In the mountainous areas, landlords armed their overlords, and rural gentry colluded with bandits to get sick. In 1938, experts from Xingren administrative office appointed Li Guanwen as the district chief, started to rectify the local order and eliminate the evil forces. Li conducted in-depth investigation, implemented the law impartially, and planned to formulate laws on the territory of LV yongpei bandits. The local people erected a monument of "Moral Governance" as a Memorial. Soon, a joint insurance was set up in the retreat area of the mountainous area. Chen Linchuan (Debi) was in charge of the joint insurance director, but the performance was not good and there were disasters. By the early 1940s, three townships, Xinzhi, Baide and Boyang, had been established in Dashan district. The new township leaders were Jiang Ji'an, Wang yongwan, Liu Pugan and Chen Yuanlun. When Delong was young, he was the head of gaowu township. Later, he took Xinzhi township as the last one. In 1950, Xingren area was liberated peacefully, but some reactionary forces failed to repent. After yuzishan was defeated by the PLA, the reactionary armed forces led by Zeng Minghui withdrew from yuzishan. Chen Delong was cowardly and the shooter was trembling. Zeng Minghui abandoned Wangmo and had to be converted into a farmer to herd cattle, and was suppressed in the public trial in Shan. So far, Chen's family members have been in low spirits, some have been repatriated, some have relied on friends, some have been adopted and some have disappeared. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, Chen's village was taken over by the local government. It has been the residence of Dashan township government. In August 1986, it was designated as the cultural relics protection institution of Xingren county government.

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